Web Development & Design Web development and web design are two job markets that have been experiencing tremendous growth and the demand for these types of professionals increases each and every day.

New technology in the form of internet applications for home, business, and on cellular phones has increased the number of web users around the world. This increase requires more and more jobs to be created in the fields of web development and design.

If you are interested in web design or development of applications your first step is to choose one of our programs focusing on these areas. There are online Certificates and also programs you can use to earn Bachelor's degree in the field. Both of these programs will guide you through learning HTML, XHTML, and Java languages, master key software applications, principles of design, management of web content and animation. These skills will enable you to produce web pages, multimedia projects, advertising and other forms of graphic media.

Completing one of the educational programs in the field of web development or design will enable you to work in advertising, medical, entertainment, government, education, or the business field. Your education will allow you to hold various positions that include Web Graphics Designer or Animator, Web Page Designer, Digital Graphics Editor, or Media Communications Consultant to name a few.

Schools Offering Doctorate Degrees in Web Development & Design