Software Engineering Software Engineering refers to the design, development and documentation of software.

It incorporates best-practices in computer science, project management, engineering, interface design, digital asset management and other disciplines. While Computer Science is concerned with programming theory, Software Engineering focuses on the practice on computer programming and application development.

Both full-time students and working professionals will find an online degree program to fit their schedules and their career goals. Graduates are in demand for positions such as Software Engineer, Software Developer, Applications Engineer, and many others. (cont.)

Typical coursework gives students the knowledge and skills to: define and document software requirements; develop use-case scenarios for software design; apply appropriate software design models to software solutions; and plan, implement, and report software testing.

Degree students may also be able to earn professional certification in areas such as Java Programming, Object Oriented Methods, Web Page Development and more. In addition to Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, we offer certification in Software Engineering, Software Testing, and Web Application Engineering.

Whether you want to start or accelerate your career in this dynamic field, explore the Software Engineering programs below and request more information today!

Schools Offering Doctorate Degrees in Software Engineering