Programming Programming is the process of writing, testing, updating and maintaining the detailed instructions that tell computers what to do.

Programmers typically create source code according to specifications determined by software engineers and systems analysts. They need expertise in a variety of subjects, and earning an online degree is a great way to acquire the skills and qualifications that are always in high demand.

These select programming Certificate, Bachelor's and Master's degrees may offer certification in specific programming languages such as C++ or Java. You'll also find programs that offer degrees in high-demand specializations such as Game Design and Web Application Development.

Typical coursework provides essential skills and knowledge in programming languages, application development and testing, and working with various operating systems and databases.

The U.S. Department of Labor projects that programmers with at least a Bachelors degree will continue to enjoy the most opportunity and security in such industries as telecommunications, software publishing, finance, insurance, education and government. Qualified programmers can advance to positions as software engineers, system analysts, information architects, network administrators and executive IT directors.

Whether you want to start or accelerate a career in this dynamic field, explore the degree and certificate programs below and request more information today.

Schools Offering Doctorate Degrees in Programming