Network Admin & Security Network administrators are among the most sought-after specialists in the information technology profession.

Organizations of all sizes are more reliant than ever on the efficient operation of their computer networks, with maximum "uptime" and minimal incidents that require user support.

Network administrators also have to stay ahead of the increasing number of internal and external security threats that assail todays networks. Security and disaster recovery are now fundamental components of network administration, and several programs offer degrees with a network security specialization. (cont.)

You'll find Associates, Bachelors and Masters degree programs in Network Administration and Security to fit your schedule and your goals. Students learn how to design, install, configure and maintain enterprise-wide networks through coursework such as Network Administration, Operating Systems, Design, Security and Local and Wide Area Networking, and Public and Private Network Interfacing.

Entry-level positions in this dynamic field include Support Specialist and Assistant Network Administrator. Graduates with more experience and advanced degrees in network administration & security are in demand for senior network management and executive IT management positions.

Whether you want to start or accelerate a career in this dynamic field, explore the Network Administration and Security programs below and request more information today.

Schools Offering Doctorate Degrees in Network Admin & Security

North Central University Online

North Central University Online offers the following Doctorate Degrees: Click Here For More Information >>
  • DOCTOR OF BUSINESS ADMININSTRATION: Computer and Information Security

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University offers the following Doctorate Degrees: Click Here For More Information >>
  • Doctor of Computer Science in Digital Systems Security