Liberal Arts A Liberal Arts program sets out to provide an inclusive education in that's focused in one of a great number of fields.

Focuses include natural science, literature, history, social science, math, music, religious studies, philosophy, and political science.

Entering an online liberal arts degree program may be the smart choice for you if your career interest is in one of the traditional liberal arts disciplines, you intend to earn a graduate degree or professional degree in a specialized field such as law, medicine, business or theology, or if you have yet to select a specific career objective.

If either of the first two descriptions fits you and where you're headed, then pursuing a graduate degree online is a natural course: you will set yourself up for career success while going through a program designed to sharpen your critical thinking and analysis skills.

If the third category is where you currently fit, then an online liberal arts program or a general studies program online offers you an excellent way to explore several areas of study while satisfying many general requirements for bachelor degree programs.

Ideal for working adults who want to complete their degree in less time than usual, an online liberal arts program will let you have as much schedule flexibility as you need. Liberal arts classes give you the latitude to transfer to a more specific major in the future with the likelihood that the credits you've earned will be applicable.

Schools Offering Doctorate Degrees in Liberal Arts