Healthcare Management Healthcare Management covers a great deal of territory, and jobs are available for those with degrees in Healthcare Management from Associate's level all the way to the Master's level and Doctoral degrees.

Those working in this field are generally responsible for the day to day functioning of operations on the business side of providing medical and health services. At the Doctoral level you would be involved in activities such as research on healthcare systems or delivery, or teaching at the college or university level, or working at top level administrative positions.

Taking care of the many details of business that surrounds taking care of patient needs adequately and efficiently, falls to those in Healthcare Management. The specific tasks can be variable depending on what area you work in, but could include tasks like, billing, scheduling, finance, dealing with HMO's and insurance companies, managing personnel, working in a doctor's office, hospital, lab or insurance company as support staff, or performing business management tasks in general that ensure quality delivery of health services.

Classes typical for someone entering an online Healthcare Management degree program would be represented in this list; Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare, Privacy of Data Laws and Regulations, Billing and Coding, Office Management Procedures, Medical Terminology and Basic Anatomy Terms, Finance and Accounting, Business Principles in Healthcare Systems, Evaluation and Quality Assurance.

Just a few job titles available for those with an online degree in Healthcare Management include Patient Services Coordinator, Medical Billing Office Manager, VP of Reimbursement, Business Office Clerk, Personnel Supervisor, Clinic or Hospital, Customer Service Representative, Patient Intake Coordinator, Medical Records Clerk and Administrative Assistant.

Schools Offering Doctorate Degrees in Healthcare Management