Graphic Design & Multimedia Opportunities for graphic designers are growing everyday because of the need for new eye catching designs and advertisements.

All it takes is an Associates or Bachelor's degree in graphic design for you to break into this field. Utilizing these select online programs, students and working adults alike can have a piece of the pie and reap the benefits of contemporary graphic design.

The following online courses offer a practical approach to learning valuable critical and creative skills - imperative for designing commercially viable aesthetics. Color theory and proper production techniques are no less discussed, helping you to produce work that is both professional and pleasing to the eye.

By the completion of one of these online programs, you will have developed a comprehensive portfolio showcasing your skills as a commercially competent graphic artist. Depending on your interests this portfolio will include samples of your work such as animations, interactive web designs or advertisements, and you will have the opportunity to advance into a graphic design field of your choice.

With the good employment lookout and wide range online training programs available, a career in graphic design is attainable.

Broaden your career options today! Take a look at the following selection of graphic design programs and discover which one is right for you.

Schools Offering Doctorate Degrees in Graphic Design & Multimedia