Forensic Science The concept of forensics is the usage of scientific knowledge and technology to answer questions that arise within the criminal justice system.

As scientific methods and technologies advance, the demand for forensic specialists has risen sharply. Acquiring an online degree in Criminal Justice with a specialty in forensics can help qualify you to meet this demand.

There are wide varieties of forensic specialists needed in the criminal justice system. These include specialists needed following a committed crime such as crime scene investigators or forensic toxicologists. There are also specialists needed to investigate ongoing crimes such as forensic accountants to investigate fraud and embezzlement, or forensic psychologists to profile offenders and help police anticipate their next move. Computers also hold vital forensic information and require computer forensic specialists trained in the ability to find and preserve digital criminal evidence.

Forensics use modern day technology to resolve legal issues and solve crimes as well. This career is well known partly because of many TV shows and the exposure it has in today's media. These forensic scientists have an important role in solving many crimes. Forensics are able to analyze data, prepare reports for court, and be witnesses for many court hearings as well.

Schools Offering Doctorate Degrees in Forensic Science