Physical & Occupational Therapy Licensed physical and occupational therapists who want to take their careers to the next level will find flexible options in these accredited online degree programs.

You can earn degrees such as the Advanced Master of Science in Occupational Therapy Studies (AMOT) and the Transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy (tDPT).

The convenient online format gives you tremendous scheduling flexibility, allows for meaningful interaction with instructors and peers and lets you progress at the pace that's right for you. Besides saving the time and expense of commuting, most students are able to complete their degrees in less time than is typically required for on-site programs.

Explore the Physical and Occupational Therapy degree programs below and request more information today. The respective college or university will assist you in making sure that a particular program is the best choice for your educational and career goals.

Schools Offering Bachelors Degrees in Physical & Occupational Therapy

Ashford University

Ashford University offers the following Bachelors Degrees: Click Here For More Information >>
  • BA/Social Science - Political Science