Law Enforcement, Policing & Investigation Individuals that are interested in enforcing the law and keeping the public safe may enjoy pursing a position in police science and law enforcement.

Graduates with an Associate or a Bachelor degree often have the most job opportunities as police officers and investigators. Individuals may use their AS degree to enroll in a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Criminal Justice with a specialization in Law Enforcement. The majority of courses for a BS degree program provide instruction on legal principles, criminological theory, operations of criminal justice agencies, and the role that technology plays in criminal justice.

The law enforcement specialization program focuses on law enforcement techniques in more detail. The coursework studies crime scene investigation, family and domestic violence and the security of our homeland.

High school graduates can enter into an Associate Of Science (AS) Law Enforcement degree program. This program is made to get individuals ready for the mental and physical requirements of a long-term position in law enforcement. The program can offer instruction on Criminal Justice, Investigation, Self-Defense Techniques, Traffic Laws and State Statues.

Schools Offering Associates Degrees in Law Enforcement, Policing & Investigation

Everest University Online

Everest University Online offers the following Associates Degrees: Click Here For More Information >>
  • Criminal Investigations (Associate)