Homeland Security Most civilian Homeland Security employees will be engaged in jobs working for the government.

Within that sphere lies a diverse set of career options that range from physically challenging teamwork jobs abroad and at our ports and borders to the quiet and isolated desk jobs scrutinizing cyber security. Whatever your interests, there is likely a job in homeland security that uses those skills. College Compete has many accredited online colleges as well as campus locations to earn your homeland security degree.

The Department of Homeland Security divides into four main sub-departments: Mission Support careers, Law Enforcement careers, Immigration and Travel Security careers, and Prevention and Response careers. The mission support division is an umbrella for budgeting, planning and coordination, human resources, science related areas like medical and technology, and many other fields.

Students majoring in Homeland Security often want to minor in an area of personal interest, and conversely, Homeland Security makes a good minor for just about every college subject major. Most management level jobs require a bachelor's degree. Many colleges offer associate degrees for entry-level positions through online courses that allow you to work and go to school the same time.

Schools Offering Associates Degrees in Homeland Security