Curriculum & Instruction Many educational institutions, including public schools, private schools and even some corporate learning program directors are turning to curriculum specialists.

These curriculum specialists are trained to verify that the educational programs of these institutions meet or exceed both governmental and industrial requirements.

Those who already have a degree or career in teaching can help meet this need by earning an online degree specifically in Curriculum and Instruction. An online degree in this program will provide a solid knowledge base in both learning theory and instructional design. This degree will also teach educational research methods as well as how to effectively apply those methods.

Basic coursework will analyze the theories and put into practice developing curricula and instruction methods. The methods and theories taught will be focused on engaging and motivating students to explore the skills that are being taught to them. The second facet of coursework will be to teach you highly effective strategies for evaluating student performance and using that knowledge to provide students valuable feedback based on their individual learning skills and abilities.

The education field is growing quickly, so with a degree in curriculum and instruction you can improve your skills working with students and helping them achieve their goals. This course focuses on theories and research to design curriculum and instruction models to improve the way students learn in classrooms and communicate with each other. With the program, you will be able to show employers your knowledge and dedication to making a classroom perform at its best. People who have this license have many leadership options and positions available to them in schools and government agencies as well.

Schools Offering Associates Degrees in Curriculum & Instruction